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resolutions/predictions, 2010th edition

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  • no fast food
  • read at least 2 books per month (school books don’t count) (not that i read school books anyway)
  • run a marathon
  • become adequate at 3 instruments, likely guitar, piano and drums
  • stay around 190 lbs forever
  • get a job that will lead to, if not be, a career
  • become world class chef
  • maintain this blog, and possibly restart (with watson/tony/whoever) our sports blog

predictions of resolutions:

  • mcdonalds breakfast and taco bell late night will tempt me endlessly, but i will hold out til at least the end of summer, if not go the whole year
  • two months out of the year, at least one of the books will be Green Eggs and Ham or Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs; still counts!
  • i will run a marathon, but not in my goal time (3:30); i will however be under 4 hours, which is pretty alright
  • my gpa is reliant on me learning piano, so that one’s for sure; i’ve played guitar before, so hopefully i can pick it back up; drums are 100% dependent on kevin being willing to teach me
  • if i stay active and get in shape to run a marathon, the weight will fall into place; i’m guessing i’ll dip down to 180-185 for a bit, but stay around 190 most of the year
  • the job thing might be tough; gonna take a bit of luck to land something that i want before i’m actually done with school
  • almost there with the cooking; see: lamb’s head
  • writing isn’t too hard, right?

predictions for the world:

  • michigan will be shamed into seceding from the union
  • the jamaican bobsled team will fail to earn a medal in vancouver, but will do so with class and much fanfare
  • curling will temporarily replace baseball (even though it’s really football now) as america’s pasttime
  • google will buy the entire internet, and shortly thereafter, buy the entire world
  • not surprisingly, after the 2010 elections, both the senate and house majorities will belong to team jacob
  • pitchfork will complain all year that they “like the older stuff better” from every band, then realize that because of this they are unable to compile a year-end top album list

predictions for our friends:

  • nib will befriend several high school girls; not because he’s a creep, but because he wants to eat the mostacolli at their graduation parties
  • watson will go all year without putting his tongue in his cheek for a picture (bj faces are so 2009)
  • daryl will continue to have a perfect beard
  • 2 people will pee their pants on february 19
  • 3 couples will get engaged/married (not counting carie and gretchen)
  • i will use the phrase “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” 2,418 times

i’m feeling pretty confident about all of this.


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January 7, 2010 at 11:57 am

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