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it’s obviously been a while since i’ve put anything in here. long enough for me to watch every single resolution i made for this year fall by the wayside. i could list off a bunch of excuses for falling short of my own expectations, but really it all boils down to me not caring enough. taco bell is delicious and convenient and books are overrated. hurting my back and then my leg are actually adequate reasons for not running (thus making both the marathon and weight resolutions nearly impossible). if my leg comes around soon, i guess i could hit that 190 lb goal. we’ll see. the music stuff didn’t go so hot. i’m still a beginner pianist, amateur guitarist, and novice drummer. still better than most people, i suppose! as for the job, i actually had one incredibly random and lucky encounter with a potential career suitor, however, nothing came of it, and i wouldn’t have been able to accept any job offer with my school schedule anyway. oh well.

despite my disappointing commitment to bettering myself, things are looking up. school’s going well, albeit at the expense of some aspects of my social life and sanity. i’m currently in the middle of ignoring a ~1.5 hour long explanation of a 15 minute, 5 multiple choice question quiz in my tax class. if there was a good portion of the class not understanding what’s going on, this would be wholly appropriate. however, seeing as most everyone seems to be grasping all applicable concepts, this lengthy discussion is completely unnecessary.

if anybody wants to meet up any day that isn’t monday or tuesday to talk about things relevant to my (our?) schooling or to just be productive together, let me know. i’d love your help in staying motivated, while at the same time being pseudo-social.

i’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my routines/lifestyle have changed over the past few years. i used to stay well ahead of the curve with new music; i was always playing some type of sport several days a week; 2 years ago, i went to like 35 tigers games. i think a big part of it is circumstance (schedule, money, etc.), but i wonder if i’m growing up. is having less drive to illegally download music “growing up”? i sure hope not. i mean, i still love hearing new bands, so what’s my deal? i’m also finding it difficult to adjust to not seeing my friends every day. that’s a direct result of not living in my old house anymore, though. knowing that is the cause doesn’t make it any less frustrating, though.

i’m really starting to appreciate movies more. not from a critical standpoint, but simply as entertainment. i’ve found the perfect ratio of my attention to have a movie playing while doing homework/studying. i wish that i could cite that on my resume as proof of my multi-tasking ability. so, if anyone has any recommendations, throw them my way.

i want to start coming up with nicknames for all of the anonymous people in my classes based solely on the way they look, but i can’t stop thinking of new monikers for this one guy. ostrich, tuna salad, also a client, pachycephalosaurus. he’s just a pleasure to have sitting in front of me. i think his newest nickname should be jesus, because he is sacrificing himself to save the others.

i wanted to get up to 750 words so that i could unofficially be participating in that stupid website’s stupid plan to get the world writing, but i think i’m done here. 599 will have to suffice.


that feels at least a little better.


Written by aaron

July 27, 2010 at 7:02 pm

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  1. this possibly related post feature is silly.


    July 27, 2010 at 7:15 pm

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